Inline Skating Lessons - How will I be taught?

rollerblading lessons syllabus
There are two basic ways -
either - you want to be taught a move and its drills, and practice it until it works, with me watching and correcting you. Then you progress to the next move.
or - you want to be shown as many moves and practice drills as possible, and then go off and practice yourself.

The first one ensures that you can to the technique(s) we looked at during the lesson, whilst the 2nd gives you more input and ideas, but you'll most likely forget a part of what was said and shown.
Which one's right for you? You decide! I'm happy to teach either way...

Also - general contents of the lesson - if you give me the general aim then you can either leave it to me to select the moves and techniques that make sense for your level, or you can ask for specific things. Again, either way is fine with me.
I'll ask before the lesson to ensure what I teach, and how I do it, is what you're looking for!

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