Bought skates, but don't feel safe?

beginner So you've bought these skates, but they don't do what you want them to?
Or you're not sure if skating is for you at all, but would like to try?
You can skate a bit, but don't feel any real progress from teaching yourself and from what you're friends try to show you?

Let me have a look at your basic technique, to improve your balance, control, and of course your confidence!
For beginners the key techniques are correct falling, getting up, getting moving, stopping, and basic turning - mastering this will give you the confidence to go out on your skates on your own to practice, meet people, and have fun!

rollerblading lessons groups fun cool
You will find that Rollerblading (or Inline Skating as it is properly known) is a lot of fun!
It's a great sport, plenty of fun, and a great social activity all wrapped into one.

Skaters are very sociable, you will meet plenty of people - if you are on skates, and see someone else on skates simply skate up to them and talk to them - you're part of the same tribe!

Skating in groups is even more fun than on your own - animate your friends to have a go, too! Plus - group lessons are cheaper ;-)

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