Want to prepare for the Night Skates?

FNS Londonskate London Street Night Skates
London has 3 'official' street skates on Wednesday and Friday evenings, plus one on Sunday afternoon; an organized Park Skate in Battersea Park on Saturday - and plenty of smaller 'inofficial' ones. More information on how the skates compare below...

Skating on the street with friends and loads of other people, with traffic blocked for the skaters is tremedous fun, a great workout, and usually ends with a drink to round off the sport with a social note!

To participate you need to be able to move at a certain speed, to deal with various surfaces as well as the skaters around you, and to brake and turn when you have to.

If this sounds daunting then let me help you prepare for your first street skate. I have lots of experience teaching people 'real world' skills like pavement skating on uneven paving slabs, curbs, bumps and uneven surfaces, manhole covers, traffic measurement cables, blind man's bobbles and more!

Such a lesson usually starts in a park or another car free area, and then takes to the road, to introduce you to (and confront you with!) increasingly rougher features of our wonderful London roads, until you can feel safe in the knowledge that you can deal with everything that will show up in front of your skates during a night/street skate!

Don't miss out on the fun!

London Street Skates in a Nutshell

EasyPeasy Skate
Saturday, 10:30am, Peace Pagoda, Battersea Park
Stays in the Park - if you can skate then you can do this one!
Sunday Stroll
Sunday, 2pm, Eastern End of Serpentine Rd, Hyde Park
Marshalled Street Skate - slow to moderate pace, 6-8 miles, returns to start point. Once a month it goes 'One Way' to a destination a bit further out (maybe 10 miles) - previous destinations include Richmond Park, Greenwich Park, and Ealing.
London Skate
Wednesday, 8pm, Serpentine Rd at the Dell, Hyde Park
Marshalled Street Skate - medium to fast(ish) pace, 10-12 miles, returns to start point.
Friday Night Skate
Friday, 8pm. Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner
Marshalled Street Skate, medium to fast, faster pace after half time, 12-15miles, returns to start point. Once a month there is a 'Best of London' skate, which stays medium pace, goes around a tourist route, and ends at a venue for an after-party. Don't miss it!

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