Just not cool enough? Learn some tricks!

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Let's face it, 80% of skating is 'show-off'!
Or else we'd only learn to skate forwards, turn, and brake, nothing more...

And what is a Barrel Roll, a Grapevine, a 3-Turn, or a Rotating Power Slide anyway? ;-)
Learn to do an Eazy, a Side Surf 'Royale', an Acid Slide, a Fakie Acid Cross Slide, or a Barrell Roll!
Also - have a look at the Rockering page to get an idea of how you can modify the behaviour of your skates and make intricate footwork easier.

If you feel your moves just aren't flash enough give me a chance to initiate you to the advances techniques, drills,  and tricks that will make you the head-turner in the park that you'd like to be!

Exhibition tricks, slalom, slides, freestyle... let me know what you're looking for!

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